RDP's Heelu condemns Omusati governor

25 Apr 2014 18:10pm
OMUNGWELUME, 25 APR (NAMPA) - A leader of the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP), Eino Heelu says people of the Omusati Region’s Ongandjera district have a democratic right to belong to the political or non-political organisation of their choice.
Heelu said this in response to the Omusati regional governor, Sophia Shaningwa who recently lashed out at certain individuals in the Okahao district for allegedly trying to form an organisation called Ongandjera People United Party.
Ongandjera People United Party was due to be launched under a “recognised tree” at Okahao on 20 April.
The launch of the party however suffered a heavy blow after Shaningwa lodged an attack on the formation of such an organisation during the commemoration of the Swapo-Party’s 54th anniversary at Okahao on 19 April.
The Omusati Regional Governor described the formation of the said organisation as a character assassination campaign against the Ongandjera Traditional Authority and its head, King Johannes Mupongolitha Mupiya, and the Okahao Swapo-Party leadership.
Shaningwa at the same time threatened that she was going to deal with those involved in the organisation of the party and will call them to the Ongandjera Palace to explain their intentions.
One of the organisers of the Ongandjera People United Party, Andreas Kapuku however informed the media at Oshakati last Sunday that their organisation is a social club and not a politically-oriented initiative.
Traditionally, politically, religiously and financially strong people of Ongandjera origin have been linked to the organisation in question, and many of them, like Mupiya, councillor of Okahao Constituency, Isai Kapenambili, and Okahao Mayor David Isai were listed as the guests of the failed launch event.
“As a national RDP leader assigned to Omusati Region, I condemn the governor of the region for telling the nation that she was going to deal with those forming a party,” Heelu argued.
He believes it is a democratic right provided to each Namibian citizen by the Constitution of the country to form a political party or any other organisation without being intimidated by those in State power or anybody else.
“Those defending and distancing themselves from what has been said (the formation of the Ongandjera People United Party), I see them as cowards, pretenders and traitors,” he stated.
Heelu then encouraged individuals or organisations that are ready and willing to enter the country’s “political ring” to do so without fear of attacks from those in State power, such as Shaningwa.