DTA welcomes three new members

24 Apr 2014 19:20pm
WINDHOEK, 24 APR (NAMPA) – The DTA of Namibia on Thursday welcomed three new members from opposition parties.
The Rally for Democracy and Progress Youth League’s Ohangwena regional secretary, Hidipo Hamata officially joined the DTA after resigning from the opposition party in February this year.
The two other new members who were welcomed by DTA president McHenry Venaani at the party’s headquarters in Windhoek on Thursday are Lorraine Weyers from the RDP and Ina Gouws from the Congress of Democrats (COD).
Weyers served in the RDP’s Women’s League and was a member of the Central Committee (CC).
Hamata told members of the media that the DTA of Namibia is now “home” for the youth of Namibia, hence his decision to join the party.
More reasons the former RDP youth leader mentioned is that Venaani as the president of the party understands the needs of the youth and is concerned about the economic growth of the country and the well-being of all Namibians.
“When I resigned from the RDP I said that I need a party where I can fight for the well-being of all Namibians irrespective of gender, tribe or political affiliation,” he stressed.
Hamata claimed that these values are not shared by the RDP.
According to the new member of the DTA, leaders such as Venaani will tackle economic independence, develop the country and create employment for thousands of unemployed youth, even those belonging to the ruling party.
On his part, Venaani said his party does not boast about how many people join his party on a daily basis. He however said the world should be told about prominent members such as the three who joined the party on Thursday.
“We are the party of choice because we are the first party to address social economic issues facing our people,” he said.
On her part, Weyers said she joined the DTA as she sees a bright future for it.
Gouws told the gathering her former COD leader Elma Dienda, who also joined the DTA, was her reason for joining the party.
According to her, Dienda was a hardworking and reputable leader even at COD, and thus she decided to follower her.
Meanwhile, according to the leadership of the party, more than 1 700 people have joined the DTA since January this year alone.