Businesses should plough more into charity: Entrepreneur

24 Apr 2014 19:10pm
GOBABIS, 24 APR (NAMPA) – A local entrepreneur active in the tourism industry in Gobabis has urged business people in the Omaheke Region to provide for the needy and vulnerable as part of their social responsibility.
Peter-Hain Kazapua, who owns Uakii Wilderness - a tour company – says very few charity events targeting the vulnerable members of society such as street children and the elderly are held in the region.
Kazapua was speaking during an interview with Nampa on Thursday, where he recounted the progress of a charity project which is supported by his company.
Kazapua, hosts an annual ‘Elderly Citizens’ Day’ in the Omaheke Region’s remote constituency of Otjombinde.
The day is coordinated by the Muhupua Charity Group - an organisation founded by Kazapua.
On that day, the elderly are clothed, bathed and provided with basic care. They also receive donations in the form of clothes, blankets, utensils and other basic gifts as a token of appreciation for having contributed to society in their youth.
The day is also marked by traditional childhood games, the exchanging of folklore and many other cultural activities aimed at transferring knowledge to young people.
This year’s ‘Elderly Citizens’ Day’ was held on 05 April at Talismanus.
According to Kazapua, the charity event attracted 75 elderly citizens, who were provided with basic care and handed donations sought from leading wholesalers, retailers and private individuals.
“We had a great day which spelled out the importance of such gestures. It is a pity that only a few companies are involved in such charity events. If more companies come on board, the elderly, street children, orphans and all other vulnerable members of our society will be catered for,” he said.
The Muhupua Charity Group was founded in 2009, and has catered for close to 400 elderly citizens in the Otjombinde Constituency since its formation.