Eight elephants invade Musese irrigation project

24 Apr 2014 13:20pm
MUSESE, 24 APR (NAMPA) – A herd of eight elephants have encroached onto the Musese irrigation project, destroying the fence and some maize crops being grown there.
The project, situated 70km west of Rundu in the Kavango West region’s Kahenge Constituency, is one of the six Green Scheme projects in the region.
The project’s manager Fafa Sinonge told Nampa on Thursday that the elephants, including a young one, have caused major destruction to crops and fence.
The pachiderms are said to have come from neighbouring Angola, and crossed into the country via the Okavango River on Tuesday this week.
They went straight to the Musese irrigation project, where they have been wreaking havoc ever since.
The full extent of the destruction is yet to be established, because the elephants were still grazing in the project by Thursday morning.
They are also refusing to move back to Angola, or anywhere else.
Sinonge said the workers are scared to do their work on the project’s fields as they might lose their lives.
The incident has been reported to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) officials in the region, who are expected to visit the project today.
Last year, a herd of elephants also destroyed crops and a fence at the same project, forcing MET officials to camp at the project for about a month.
They eventually had to shoot one elephant. The other elephants then trekked back to Angola.