Kamwi demands education on sanitation

23 Apr 2014 19:00pm
OMUNGWELUME, 23 APR (NAMPA) – The Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr Richard Kamwi has called for community members in rural areas to be educated on environmental health and sanitation.
Kamwi said this whilst officially inaugurating the renovated Omungwelume Primary Health Care Clinic at Ongenga Constituency in the Ohangwena Region on Wednesday.
The minister felt Namibia has no reason to experience cholera outbreaks as a result of unhygienic environments.
“Let us educate our community in the rural areas to see to it that pit latrines are put in place and the government should provide clean water,” Kamwi suggested.
He then urged the acting health director in the Ohangwena Region, John Hango, to talk to the local environmental officers to help in educating members of the rural community on sanitation.
Kamwi at the same time commended the Ohangwena Health Directorate for ensuring that no epidemics are experienced in the Ohangwena Region as a result of environmental hazards.
The Ministry of Health and Social Services has upgraded the Omungwelume Clinic so that it is able to provide a number of health services, including health education.
Kamwi pointed out that the clinic serves a population of 15 335 people. The government upgraded the Omungwelume Clinic at a cost of N.dollars 7,8 million to include staff housing.