12 Jul 2013 11:19

KUALA LUMPUR, July 7 (Bernama) -- AJA EQS Certification (M) Sdn Bhd, a homegrown international certification body and training provider, has urged local women-owned organisations or businesses to undergo the International Standard Organisation (ISO) Certification.

Chief Executive Officer Jacqueline Francis said the company aims to certify 100 of such entities by 2014 under the Standards Malaysia accreditation.

Standards Malaysia is the national accreditation body launched on Aug 28, 1996, under the ambit of the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry.

Jacqueline said her company hands out certifications to about 150 companies annually, from the public and private sector in quality, environmental health and safety and management.

She added that last year the company certified four ships under the Royal Malaysian navy, and two of them have gone for green standards, a first in the world.

"Previously, Standards Malaysia has always been a male dominated environment, but with the changing times, women are now excelling in all fields.

"But the adoption of standards is still lagging," Jacqueline told Bernama.

She said although women-owned organisations provide good products and services, they eventually fail to be recognised due to the non-adoption of international Standards/Certification.

She said women should understand the needs of the emerging markets in order to go global, adding, their businesses must meet local and international expectations.

"We offer special benefits to women-owned organisations to encourage them to achieve the ISO Certification, including training grants, waived registration fees,support services, double tax deduction and complimentary training.

"Small medium enterprises are eligible for the government's double tax deduction and 50 to 70 per cent of training grants," said Jacqueline.

With Standards Malaysia's approval, organisations can benefit from quality approaches such as improving profitability, supporting improvement and innovation.

Moving forward, the company plans to open new offices to expand its services to the United States and the United Kingdom in the next five years.

She said besides Malaysia, the company has a presence in Brunei, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), India and Hong Kong, adding, the international market's acceptance of Standards Malaysia has been good.

AJA Malaysia was established in August 1999 to certify organisations overseas under the Standards Malaysia accreditation.