Ministry, Swakara Board agree on performance

10 Jul 2013 12:00

The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry today signed governance and performance agreements with the Swakara Board.
Deputy Minister of the Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Lempy Lucas was on hand to facilitate the event.
Two agreements were signed, namely the Governance Agreement and the Performance Agreement.
The governance agreement is aimed at communicating to the state owned enterprise (SOE) board members the performance expectations of the Minister while the performance agreement, inclusive of the annexure, shall be used as the basis for assessing the suitability of the board member’s continued appointment and to assess whether the Board meets the performance expectations applicable to their duties and responsibilities.
“The governance agreement assists in guiding a public asset which is an SOE. It is also a road map that provides answers relating to where we are going, how we are going there, and if we, as the ministry and Swakara board are going there together,” the deputy minister said.
She added that the agreements are a manifestation of their good relationship with the common goal of striving towards the targets set in the NDP4 and ultimately attaining Vision 2030.
Gabriel Biwa, deputy chairperson of the Swakara Board said the governance agreement is there to ensure that the Swakara Board uses its public assets in the interests of the relevant industry and to guarantee they commit themselves to honesty, diligence and not to use information other than in the interest of the Swakara industry.
The Swakara Board of Namibia changed its name from the Karakul Board in order to emphasize its local, unique characteristics of the pelt.