Pohamba to officially inaugurate Rukonga Vision School

10 Jul 2013 11:40
DIVUNDU, 10 JUL (NAMPA) - The Rukonga Vision School, which opened its doors for learners for the first time early this year, will be officially opened by President Hifikepunye Pohamba later this month.
The Rukonga Vision School, the first of its kind in the country, is situated some 200 kilometres east of Rundu in the Mukwe Constituency.
The Ministry of Education?s Public Relations Officer, Romeo Muyunda told Nampa on Wednesday the school will be inaugurated on 22 July, and the opening will also be attended by Education Minister Dr David Namwandi.
The school was set up by the Ministry of Education for gifted and brilliant learners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds, especially those in rural areas, who have shown great potential to develop and succeed in life.
The school currently accommodates 240 Grade Eight and Grade 11 learners.
The school held its induction ceremony for staff members in January this year, which was attended by the Ministry of Education?s Under-Secretary for Formal Education Charles Kabajani.
It remains unclear whether the Hambukushu Traditional Authority leader Fumu Ervin Munika Mbambo, who boycotted the induction and orientation ceremony for staff members, will attend the official opening.
The Hambukushu leader refused to attend the January event and also did not send any representatives in his place despite having been invited.
He boycotted the event to express his disappointment about the fact that none of his subjects had been recruited as staff at the school, even for positions such as cleaners, handymen and watchmen.
Some of the chief?s subjects also abandoned the induction proceedings, after noticing that no one from the Hambukushu area formed part of the staff complement which was introduced during the induction programme.
The disgruntled Hambukushu chief apparently also refused to endorse the renaming of the Divundu Vision School to ?Rukonga Vision School?. Rukonga means togetherness in the Thimbukushu language.
When contacted on Wednesday, Mbambo refused to say whether he would attend the event.
Mukwe Constituency Councillor Kristian Muriki at the time said he was also very disappointed to notice that all the recruits are from other areas in the region, and that no one from the Mukwe area was amongst the recruits.
The councillor said he sent in many applications to the regional education office so that they could at least consider some people from the Mukwe area for unskilled jobs such as institutional workers, but none of these applications seemed to have been considered.
Kabajani told this reporter at the time that the recruitment of staff was done at regional level, and that he does not know the specifics about how the recruitment process was conducted.
He however explained that the school is not an employment creation institution, as the school is unique in nature, saying it only employed teachers who have the potential to perform at the highest level.
Construction work on what was first known as the Divundu Vision School started in 2006 at a cost of N.dollars 100 million.
It was built with funding provided through the Education and Training Sector Improvement Programme (ETSIP).