Racist teachers discouraging students from studying: Mariental s

10 Jul 2013 09:40
MARIENTAL, 10 JUL (NAMPA) ? Some Mariental learners claim a few teachers in this town are racist, and that impacts negatively on their academic performances.
?Racist teachers make students unhappy and they fail. I do not want to mention names, but I think they must stop it,? Magriet Diergaardt, a Grade 10 learner at the Danie Joubert Combined School told Nampa at this school on Wednesday.
Jamay van Wyk, also in Grade 10 at the same school, added that some teachers in their town underestimate students? performances, and tell them they will fail. This, in turn, lowers the learners' self-esteem and discourages them from studying hard.
Students were asked to give their views on how to improve the region?s educational performance, with the focus on Grades 10 and 12 national examination results.
Another Grade 10 learner at Danie Joubert, Latifah Kavita suggested that teachers should not be absent from classes as this a waste of time and learning suffers.
Other views from learners at the same school included the introduction of extra and special classes for so-called ?slow learners?, surprise visits by principals in classes and replacing unqualified teachers with qualified ones.
?Principals and Heads of Departments should not teach promotional subjects because they are hardly in classes,? charged Maec Tjizoo, also from Danie Joubert.
On his part, Danie Joubert principal Hendrie Labuschagne said discipline is crucial in terms of students? performances, and his school has strict rules on discipline.
He said for the region to produce good results, parents must be fully involved in their children?s education, and appointing qualified and hardworking teachers must be a priority.
?Our school?s Grade 10 results were the best in the region last year. This is because we work as a team, and motivate our learners through prize-givings. Our teachers are always present in classes, unlike other schools where teachers are accused of drinking (alcohol) and abuse,? Labuschagne stated.
This reporter also asked similar questions to Grade 12 students at the Mariental Secondary School.
?Government must employ new teachers from other regions, and teachers should also not use cellphones during classes,? argued Felicity Desconde.
Charlton Diergaardt suggested that teachers should motivate learners by giving them credit for their hard work, while students should also form study groups and learn together.
Another suggested extra lessons after school hours and during holidays.
On her part, Acting Principal of the Mariental Secondary School, Lesley van Wyk put the blame at the feet of students, saying they refused to attend extra classes introduced at the school this year.
?I think extra classes and Spring Schools are the solutions to our problem, but students do not come. I also think that instead of having 20 learners participating at the Hardap Education Conference, that number must be increased because these are people who are affected, so they need to be there to boost their morale,? Van Wyk stressed.
The Hardap Region was at the bottom of the 2012 national rankings for Grade 10, hence the education conference which starts here on Thursday this week to discuss ways to improve those results.
The four-day event is bein g hosted by the Hardap Education Directorate, in conjunction with the Office of Regional Governor Katrina Hanse-Himarwa.
It takes place under the theme ?Grade 10 - Striving for Academic Excellence?.