Namibia must devise new ways of generating electricity - Gurirab

14 Apr 2014 15:20pm
WINDHOEK, 14 APR (NAMPA) – Apart from Kudu Gas Power and the envisaged construction of the Arandis Power Station, Namibia should think of other ways of generating electricity, the Speaker of the National Assembly said here on Monday.
Dr Theo-Ben Gurirab made this statement at the official opening of a one-day ‘Conference on Renewable Energy Sources in Namibia’ held at parliament.
Organised by parliament, the conference was the first of its kind in Namibia, and was attended by all Members of Parliament (National Assembly and the national Council).
The main objective of the conference was to afford lawmakers an opportunity to share information on various renewable energy sources and how Namibia can capitalise on such sources.
“By now we are all aware that Namibia is at the crossroads in terms of electricity challenges. It is no exaggeration that as a country, we are faced with a threatening power crisis,” Gurirab said when he delivered his opening address.
The Speaker stressed that the demand for electricity in Namibia outstrips supply by far, due to import dependency and the country’s limited local and regional electricity generation capacity.
Compounding this uncertainty, he added, is global warming and an increasing awareness of the damage caused by fossil fuels, which put increasing pressure on the country.
“The aim of this conference, therefore, is to share information, knowledge and experience on the opportunities that renewable energy can offer in sourcing low-carbon electricity and to reduce dependency on fossil fuel energy,” Gurirab pointed out.
The Speaker informed the gathering that their role as parliamentarians is to deliver a relevant and workable policy framework to ensure access to sustainable energy for sustainable development.
The conference discussed topics such as the policy environment and the legal framework on renewable energy in Namibia, NamPower’s electricity supply master plan and the current status of the energy sector in Namibia.