First Lady wants to see hard work and love among Namibians

13 Apr 2014 12:20pm
OHADIWA, 13 APR (NAMPA) – First Lady Penehupifo Pohamba has called on all Namibians to work towards creating a culture of caring, hard work and commitment to education.
Pohamba made this call on Saturday at a belated celebration of Namibia’s 24th Independence anniversary at Ohadiwa village in the Okaku Constituency of Oshana Region.
“A reading nation, for instance, is an informed nation. And an informed nation is a powerful nation,” the First Lady said.
She said Namibians cannot afford to be ignorant in a technologically advanced world, as they would end up being “slaves” to other nations.
Pohamba said each annual celebration of the country’s Independence Day anniversary should serve as a platform for Namibians to renew their commitment to the development of a better Namibia.
“Renew your commitment to a better Namibia where we have advanced in all spheres of social, economic, political and scientific fields. A better Namibia where every one’s right is not only guaranteed by the government and the judiciary but by the citizens themselves,” the First Lady said.
She also called on Namibians to love other people as they love themselves and to refrain from killing others.
“A good number of women in Namibia have been victims of violence and rape,” she noted, adding that some people in Namibia appear to still believe in the old colonial mindset of raping women to somehow gain or exert power and control.
The First Lady said the problem of rape and violence against women and girls also seems to be a result of unemployment, poverty, alcohol abuse and other related social issues.
Pohamba further expressed disappointment about teenage pregnancies and the high rate of HIV/AIDS infections among Namibian youths. She urged all Namibians who are sexually active to practice safe sexual intercourse at all times.