WAD supports Govt on imports

10 Jul 2013 06:00

Nambia will no longer be importing public school and nurses’ uniform, but will be locally manufactured to push for job creation.
The phasing out process should take about two years, Government recently decided.
Women`s Action for Development (WAD) congratulates Cabinet for getting the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Education to agree on the proposal.
“WAD has been canvassing the idea for years and is thrilled that now when Namibia is being hit by drought and poverty their proposal has been heard. Especially with the shocking numbers of children who have died due to malnutrition,” the organization's Executive Director, Veronica de Klerk says.
WAD does however appeal to both ministries to speed up the process and realize the project in a much shorter time than the proposed two years.
They feel that need among the poor is so vast and that a project like this should receive priority because it can really put bread on the table of the poor.
WAD believes such an initiative is only the beginning of creating jobs for competent poor local women in the manufacturing of linen sphere and they will go out of their way to be ready for bulk orders of locally manufactured uniforms.