Pro hockey star boosts SBN services

10 Jul 2013 05:00

Magreth Mengo, Manager National Service at Standard Bank Namibia is the first Namibian to play professional hockey.

She has played for the Senior National Team at the World Cup Tournament in Poland and South Africa, won the Indoor by League twice in a row and is currently playing for the DTS Hockey Club.

 However, just as she’s a professional on the field, she is also a professional in boosting Standard Bank Namibia’s customer service.

In short, Magreth is to service - what service is to a customer.

“I’m very passionate about customer service. To see a client leaving our building with a smile brings joy to me and that’s another big win,” says Mengo.

Her day to day job centres around enhancing customer experience through improving all levels of service delivery across channels and business entities of the bank as well as ensuring more efficient complaints resolution.

With a strong love for the banking industry, Magreth has a Masters degree in Accounting and a degree in International Financial Management from the University of Amsterdam in Holland. Mengo is a team player and enjoys working with different people every day. She holds the bank’s customer service in high regard.

 “Product is no longer ‘king’ as customer service is nowadays the differentiating factor especially in the world of banking. A good reputation for customer service is therefore a key factor in ensuring successful business results,” says Mengo adding that the National Service Team continuously strives to forge a positive public perception about Standard Bank Namibia’s reputation, services and products.

Internally the National Service also monitors and drives the Turn around Times (TAT) on products that Standard Bank Namibia provides to customers.

“The primary goal is to catalyze a pleasant and enjoyable ambiance in which clients may find joy, specifically with regards to addressing the customer’s banking needs and queries,” she adds.

Having moved up the ranks from being Workplace Banking Manager to Manager of National Service within Standard Bank Namibia Mengo is fully knowledgeable about customer service, especially at a bank that has been existence for the past 97 years in Namibia.

“Customer service is very important as it represents care to our customers. It can either make or break a business. Good customer service results in an increase in sales and builds on customer loyalty. It is important to remember your customers are what will keep you in business,” states Mengo further. 

She stresses that timely and accurate feedback to a customer’s query is of utmost importance. This she achieves through managing tactical corrective measures.

Recognising her aspirations at Standard Bank Namibia Mengo believes she has the right perception, purpose and power to make a difference in a job. She concludes with these inspiring words:- “Believe in yourself, never give up on your goals and winners see a solution for every problem.”