RP undermines intelligence of Nam people: RDP

08 Apr 2014 18:30pm
WINDHOEK, 08 APR (NAMPA) – The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) party says the Republican Party (RP)’s plans to support Swapo’s presidential candidate undermines the intelligence of the Namibian people who believe in democracy.
RDP Secretary-General (SG) Mike Kavekotora made the remarks during a media conference here on Tuesday, adding that the briefing was called to clear the confusion caused by RP president Henk Mudge’s recent statement that the RP supports Swapo’s Hage Geingob in his presidential race.
Kavekotora said it would be ridiculous for anyone to think that Geingob will bring the desired change to the people he neglected for the past 24 years.
“It is the Swapo party that created unemployment, poor education system, poor health sector, lack of decent housing and a sea of poverty in the country of plenty hungry and angry nation,” the SG stated.
He explained that his party understands that Mudge, like any other Namibian, has the democratic right to support a candidate of his choice.
“But to expect former members of RP who moved over to the RDP to support a candidate blindly, is not only unrealistic but also insensitive,” he added.
Kavekotora explained that after the merger agreement was signed between the RDP and RP three years ago, former RP members were asked to resign from the RP and join RDP.
Some of these members then participated in the RDP’s political structures at all levels, resulting in several becoming local councillors in towns such as Windhoek and Aranos.
“It must also be noted that former RP members are fully integrated into the RDP to such an extent that they can stand for any position in the RDP,” the SG pointed out.
Kavekotora noted that the RDP leadership has already decided to visit places such as Aranos, Gobabis, Outjo and Otjiwarongo to address concerned groups there, but with Mudge’s statement the RDP now does not know what is going on.