RDP accuses Swapo member of slander

08 Apr 2014 18:00pm
ONGWEDIVA, 08 APR (NAMPA) – The chairperson of a committee established to organise the belated celebration of Namibia’s 24th Independence anniversary at the Etayi Constituency last Saturday, has been accused of slander.
The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) national leader assigned to the Omusati Region, Eino Heelu, told Nampa here on Monday that the chairperson, Fikameni Haiduwa, treated an RDP member, Michael Shikongo, with disrespect during a meeting before the said celebration.
Heelu said the Haiduwa-led committee nominated Shikongo to be part of the preparatory committee and the protocol team, but dismissed him minutes before the celebration at the Etayi Constituency’s Omutundungu village.
Safety and Security Deputy Minister Erastus Uutoni was the main speaker.
Haiduwa allegedly dismissed Shikongo from the protocol team by telling him to leave a briefing meeting, which all members of the preparatory committee attended with Uutoni before the commencement of the celebration.
Shikongo confirmed to this agency that he has been part of the preparatory committee from the start to the day of the celebration, just to be embarrassed at the last minute for the reasons only known to Haiduwa.
“They nominated me to that committee in my absence because they know I am capable of such a responsibility. Therefore, I feel cheated and embarrassed, and I wasted my time, energy and petrol to go attend preparatory meetings,” Shikongo stated.
The event was hosted under the blue, red and green colours and revolutionary songs of the ruling Swapo party.
Heelu described the nomination of an RDP member to be involved in the preparation of a national event as a move in the right direction by the leadership of the Etayi Constituency, but stressed that it is high time that people start differentiate between Government issues and party political issues.
“What I observed that day is that people tend to turn Independence Day celebrations into a Swapo-Party rally, but that should be condemned and should be stopped if we are to live by the law of the land,” he suggested.
On his part, Haiduwa said he had no comment, but added that Shikongo must speak out if he has personal problems with him.
He refused to speak to this reporter any further on Monday afternoon, but later arranged to meet the following day.
On Tuesday, Haiduwa said Shikongo was never a member of that preparatory committee, and he does not know how he got into that briefing meeting.
Responding to Haiduwa’s statement, Shikongo said there are other members of that committee who can testify against Haiduwa’s denial of him having been a member of that committee.