Meeting on Chief Kapika removal postponed

08 Apr 2014 15:00pm
OPUWO, 08 APR (NAMPA) – The much-anticipated indaba which was to discuss the alleged dethroning of Chief Hikuminue Kapika as traditional leader, has been called off.
The meeting was planned to take place this coming Saturday at the Okangwati settlement in the Kunene Region, but it was cancelled and postponed to a yet-to-be-set date due to the sudden death of one of Chief Kapika’s Senior Traditional Councillors, Tjanangombe Hembinda, who died on Sunday at the Opuwo State Hospital.
The late senior traditional councillor will be buried this Saturday.
Chief Kapika’s spokesperson, Peihama Tjindunda told Nampa on Tuesday that all traditional chiefs in Kunene-North had been served with invitations to attend the meeting which was meant to resolve the current chieftainship battle issues.
“We invited all the recognised traditional authorities like the Otjikaoko Traditional Authority, the Vita Thom Royal House, the Kakurukouje Traditional Authority as well as all the other unrecognised traditional authorities in the area,” he explained.
Tjindunda said they also invited the ‘nominated chief’ Mutambanda Kapika to attend this meeting.
Some of the invited traditional leaders like Chief Uziruapi Tjavara of the Otjikaoko Traditional Authority confirmed receipt of the invitation, and said they were indeed considering to attend the meeting before they heard that it was cancelled.
A clerk at the Office of the Vita Royal House, Codla Ketjiperue told Nampa that they also received the invitation, but have not yet been informed of its cancellation or postponement.
The chief of the Kakurukouje Traditional Authority, Chief Vemuii Tjambiru, also confirmed receipt of the invitation.
Some traditional councillors within the Kapika Royal House were recently reported to have chosen Mutambanda Kapika, who is Chief Hikuminue Kapika’s half-brother, as the replacement chief.
The disgruntled subjects, who fall under the leadership of Chief Kapika, took to the streets some two weeks ago to call for his immediate removal and replacement.
The group claimed that Chief Kapika did not represent their interests and that he secretly gave approval for the construction of the Baynes Hydropower plant, and also that he has joined the ruling Swapo party.
They then decided to name Mutambanda as their chief – the one they would henceforth regard as chief of the Kapika Royal House.
All these accusations were made without Chief Kapika being informed or served with a notice of dethronement or without a case being laid against him officially.
According to custom, traditional leaders would be removed from their positions only for reasons such as ill health or death.
In case a chief has health problems, he is normally the one allowed to nominate his successor.
The Saturday meeting was to look at all these issues and offer direction and set a way forward as to who the real leader of the Kapika Royal House would be.