Beekeeper suffers damage of N.dollars 20 000 to hives

09 Jul 2013 05:10
OMUHIVA, 09 JUL (NAMPA) - The only beekeeper in the Kunene Region says he has lost three beehives worth N.dollars 20 000 after a honey badger raided the camp where his hives were kept.
Speaking to Nampa last week, Kapuku Rutjindo said given that there is not much honey-harvesting or other activity going on in the camp due to the drought, he has not been checking on the beehives as often as he normally did.
He said when the badger damaged the hives last week, he was at a cattle post at another village where he had taken his cattle for better grazing.
?I hope the Okatjandja Kozomenje Conservancy will compensate me for the loss of my beehives,? he lamented.
Rutjindo said the ranger at that conservancy, Huhako Mumbuu, was informed about the damage caused by the badger, and visited the bee farm to assess the damage.
?I lost the best three beehives, of which one could produce 100 litres of honey per month, and the other two up to 60 litres per month each,? he added.
Rutjindo has 15 beehives in total.
After informing Mumbuu about the damage, he set traps at the remaining beehives, and last Thursday caught a male honey badger, which he exterminated.
He added that this was another form of human-wildlife conflict, and as the honey badger posed a danger to his livelihood, ?it had to be killed like any other problem animal?.
Rutjindo said despite the badger now being exterminated, he is still suffering the effects of the damage it did as it will take him some time to recover, and to attract bees to his new hives when he finally replaces the damaged ones.
?I expect to be compensated for my loss after I registered my case with the conservancy,? he reiterated.