Hamutenya warns of effects of squabbles in RDP

09 Jul 2013 05:00
WINDHOEK, 09 JUL (NAMPA) - Rally for Democracy and Progress? (RDP) president Hidipo Hamutenya has called on his party?s members to do away with squabbling amongst each other, and to rather focus on national issues which need their immediate attention.
Hamutenya made these remarks during the party?s Central Committee meeting held in the capital over the weekend.
?Our party experienced negative developments of disunity characterised by divisive tendencies, where some members begun to label some of their colleagues as incapable of leadership,? he said in a statement availed to Nampa on Monday.
According to him, the party has been enjoying the goodwill of the Namibian people, but these divisive tendencies have generated a negative effect, which will tarnish its reputation.
Meanwhile, he said the country continues to experience various negative developmental challenges such as poverty and hunger, which continue to escalate, more so in the face of the severe drought in the country at present.
?Other evidence of poverty in this country is the critical shortage of housing and sanitation facilities. We can declare that the country is in a crisis of a housing shortage, with a backlog estimated to be at a staggering figure of 80 per cent,? the RDP leader charged.
Hamutenya also claimed that these problems are aggravated by a lack of focus in the leadership of the country, as they are failing to identify and prioritise the most burning problems of the day and thus come up with effective measures to address these problems.
?These negative developments should keep us from squabbling amongst each other so that we can focus on these issues as a matter of urgency,? he noted.
To chart the course of its campaign for the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections in 2014, the party resolved to explore working with other parties then.
The RDP also decided to re-demarcate the Karas, Kavango, Ohangwena and Kunene Regions into two sections each in order for its organisational structures to be more effective.
?As you know, Namibia is a vast country, and the long distances make it difficult for us to cover with ease all its geographical dimensions to plant our ideas and policies effectively,? Hamutenya explained.
The party also decided that its Second National Convention will be held from 08 to 10 November 2013.