Tucna hails KRC's decsion to recall CoW budget

08 Jul 2013 13:00
WINDHIOEK, 08 JUL (NAMPA) - The Trade Union Congress of Namibia has welcomed the Khomas Regional Council (KRC)'s decision to recall the City of Windhoek (CoW) budget on Monday.
TUCNA Secretary-General, Mahongora Kavihuha told told Nampa on enquiry Monday that he is very delighted with the decision made by the KRC.
KRC chairperson Zulu Shitongeni announced the recall of the Cow budget during a media conference on Monday, saying the council takes strong exception that the City gave short notice to present its budget after they already approved it.
'This makes the City of Windhoek's budget illegal, as proper procedures were not followed as required by law,? said Shitongeni.
Kavihuha further said the KRC has finally answered the call of the poor.
He described the tariff increases which were introduced in the CoW 2013/2014 budget, as ?exorbitant' and are being implemented at the wrong time.
?The Head of State just announced that no one should die of hunger because of the drought, yet people are still dying. Drastic actions should be taken instead to prevent this,? said Kavihuha.
He suggests that a moratorium be introduced to control increments made by State enterprises and parastatals during this state of emergency.
?We are dealing with an abnormal situation. Leaders of all levels should be sensitive and committed to the living standards of the poor,? said Kavihuha.
Kavihuha called on the KRC to go back to the drawing board, and find ways to deal with the increases in bulk tariffs made by NamWater and NamPower.
?We should not burden the poor with these increases,? said Kavihuha.
Meanwhile, CoW Corporate Communications Manager, Joshua Amukugo said he has not received any documentation from the KRC in connection with their announcement that the City of Windhoek?s budget has been recalled.
?This comes as news to me. I do not know what consultation they have been waiting from us,? said Amukugo when approached for comment by this agency on Monday.
Amukugo said he had sent correspondence to the KRC Chief Regional Officer Ben Mulongeni, inviting constituencies in Windhoek to provide input on the draft budget.
He noted that he sent a letter to Mulongeni on 27 March 2013, inviting contributions from constituencies for the drafting of the CoW 2013/2014. The letter also asked him to inform various stakeholders, including the constituency development committee.
This input was due 19 April 2013.
According to him, only four constituencies provided contributions to the draft budget - John Pandeni (18 April); Tobias Hainyeko (18 April); Khomasdal North (02 May) and Moses Garoeb (16 April).
?Are we to blame for those constituencies whose responses we did not receive or who failed to respond? Why do we have to be blamed?? asked Amukugo.
He said the CoW can not be held hostage by those constituencies who did not respond to their request.
Amukugo, however, maintained that the KRC remains their partner, and that this situation will not hamper the relationship between the two.
?For now it is business as usual until further notice,? said Amukugo.