Annual Otavi expo on later this month

06 Apr 2014 15:10pm
OTJIWARONGO, 06 APR (NAMPA) - Over N.dollars 746 000 in pledges and sponsorships were raised during a gala dinner here on Saturday evening towards the 2014 Otavi Investment Expo and Festival.
The chairman of the Otavi expo, Rino Muranda said N.dollars 10 200 was raised from auctioning off six bottles of whiskey, which carry the signature of Founding President, Dr Sam Nujoma, who is the patron of Otavi Investment Expo and Festival.
“In cash pledges alone we collected N.dollars 135 999, while N.dollars 600 000 was pledged by different corporate companies as sponsorships to our expo this year,” said Muranda.
The money raised will be used to organise and host the business expo this year.
The 2014 Otavi Investment Expo and Festival will last for four days from 23 to 26 April at the Otavi Sports Field under the theme ‘Unlocking the potential’.
On his part, Nujoma said holding this regular business activity at Otavi means an economic growth and revival of the town.
“This is done with the view of bringing back the former glory days of Otavi when it was the breadbasket of the country due to its strategic location in the famous triangle zone of abundant rainfall,” he said.
The former president said since the country is faced with critical challenges on how to overcome constraints of wealth creation and economic growth, Namibians should work hard and address all economic constraints head-on.
He said the Otavi expo will provide small and medium enterprises (SMEs) the opportunity to market their services and products directly to customers.
“Therefore, come all and make use of the opportunity. You the SMEs are the drivers of any economic growth and job creation in attempt to alleviate poverty and unemployment of any country,” noted Nujoma.
Shortly after his speech, he donated N.dollars 5 000 towards the expo, and handed over another N.dollars 5 000 on behalf of the president of Namibia Chamber of Commerce (NCCI), Martha Namundjembo-Tilahun.
The biggest pledge of more than N.dollars 100 000 at the gala dinner came from Ben Hauwanga of the BH Group of companies.