Namibia by-passed by AfricaÂ’s next top model auditions

08 Jul 2013 08:00

Arguably one of the most celebrated modelling shows in Africa, Africa’s Next Top Model has kick started its auditions in most African countries, but Namibia will not play a part a statement released by the organisers on their website a few days ago.

According to the annual pageant directors based in Cape Town, South Africa auditions were due in Mozambique – Maputo on 6 July 2012,in South Africa – Johannesburg 9 July 2013 , Kenya – Nairobi 14 July 2013 , Ghana – Accra 20 July 2013 , Nigeria – Lagos 23 July 2013 ,Angola – Luanda 28 July 2013, South Africa – Cape Town 1 August 2013, Ivory Coast, but nothing will be done in Namibia.

This is despite Namibia having churned out her beauties who have done equally well at the world stage in the past.

A brainchild of Nigeria Africa’s Next Top Model is the African version of the popular televised reality show hosted by American celebrity Tyra Banks and has been going on for the past five years.

According to the organisers of the ANTM applications for the mentioned auditions, contestants can access application forms from the website and submit them attached with their portfolios.

Although it has been criticised in the past for being skewed towards the bigger countries in Africa, the ANTM has seen winners clinching lucrative contracts that are much sought after by many Namibian models who have in the past suffered at the hands of unscrupulous agencies who use them for their own gain.