Swapo eyes Aminuis during 2014 elections

08 Jul 2013 06:00
AMINUIS, 08 JUL (NAMPA) - The ruling Swapo-Party?s leadership in the Omaheke Region have been oiling their campaign machinery in the quest to claim the Aminuis Constituency during the next general elections.
The constituency is currently under the leadership of the National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo).
The Swapo-Party has made no secret of the fact that its wants to unseat Nudo - which is yet to lose an election in Aminuis - from the constituency leadership in its quest to have wider representation in the Omaheke Region.
Addressing a groundbreaking ceremony marking the start of the construction on a new party office in Aminuis on Saturday, Swapo?s national leader assigned to the Omaheke Region Dr Ngarikutuke Tjiriange said everything is in place to have Aminuis ruled by Swapo after 2014.
Tjiriange said Swapo had shown that it has the ability to take over the leadership in constituencies from the opposition after beating Nudo in Tsumkwe and Swanu of Namibia in Otjimbinde to take over those constituencies earlier.
?Ghosts will witness that day. Even cemeteries will move to signify that the message of Swapo taking over here has been heard. Nothing can stop us because we deal with fact, and do not spread falsehoods like others,? he charged.
Theo Ngaujake of the Aminuis Development Foundation, who joined the Swapo-Party from Nudo a few years ago, used the opportunity to urge others to join the ruling party.
?Some parties are using tradition and culture to denounce Swapo. They claim to be legitimate by promoting the supremacy of the OvaHerero against other tribes. This ought to be stopped,? he said in an apparent reference to Nudo.
The ruling party?s intention to take Aminuis has unleashed an intense battle for domination between members of the two political homes as hardcore Nudo supporters in the constituency refuse to succumb to Swapo?s plans.
Intense campaigning and lobbying by ordinary members of both Swapo and Nudo has reached new heights, with some members of the opposing political parties not seeing eye-to-eye on various community initiatives.
Whilst many shun shops and other businesses owned by members of their opposing political parties, community meetings on vital aspects affecting this once closely-knit community often end in deadlock as politics takes centre-stage.
The emergence of a faction of Nudo members who allegedly masquerade as Swapo-Party members, commonly known in the region as ?Swapo-Nudos?, has also further strained relations between the two parties.
?Swapo-Nudos? apparently side with the ruling party for self-advancement, whilst they are in fact Nudo members with active membership cards of the latter party.
Nudo draws the vast majority of its support, which has kept the party in Parliament, from the Omaheke Region?s Otjinene and Aminuis Constituencies.
Okakarara is its other stronghold outside Omaheke.
In Aminuis, Nudo has its second-largest support base after Otjinene in the Omaheke Region. The party has won every election held in the constituency since it broke away from the DTA of Namibia in 2003.
Swapo, on the other hand, has made great strides in the Omaheke Region. With the exception of Otjinene and Aminuis, the remaining five constituencies are ruled by Swapo.
The ruling party?s strongest bases in the region have proven to be Steinhausen - represented by Kilus Nguvauva - and the Kalahari Constituency, currently under Ignatius Kariseb as councillor.
The party took the reins at the Otjombinde Constituency from the country?s oldest political party Swanu , and also managed to ward off a meek challenge from the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) in Epukiro to finish at the top then.
The next general elections, which will include Regional Council elections, will be held in 2014.