/Khomanin concerned group set on reclaiming ancestral land

07 Jul 2013 09:50
WINDHOEK, 07 JUL (NAMPA) ? A /Khomanin concerned group on Saturday indicated that they have decided to move back to their ancestral land as they say they ?have been very patient for the past 23 years since Independence in 1990?.
The group had a meeting in the capital on Saturday, and a member of the group, Dion Gawana told Nampa on Sunday only one resolution was taken at the meeting, which is that the /Khomanin clan will return to where they hail from.
He however could not indicate when the group plans to occupy what they say is their ancestral land.
The /Khomanin, from the Khomas Region and largely from around Windhoek, have made headlines over the years with their fight to reclaim what they deem as their ancestral land.
The concerned group was supposed to hold its meeting in the parking area of the Sam Nujoma Stadium at 14h00, but was prevented from doing so by the City Police.
The deputy chief of the City Police?s traffic department, Superintendent Adam Eiseb confirmed the incident on Sunday, saying they received a letter from the /Khomanin Traditional Authority asking them to block the ?illegal? meeting there are appropriate channels within the traditional authority for subjects to air their grievances.
The letter stated that the meeting was illegal as the traditional authority was not informed, neither was its consent sought in the matter, Eiseb said.
It also indicated that the meeting was taking place while the Chief of the /Khomanin Traditional Authority, Joseph Gawanab is not in good health and is recovering from a stroke.
Upon being informed that the meeting could not be held at the stadium, the more than 100 individuals who had turned up for the meeting moved to an open area owned by community activist Rosa Namises at the Dolam residential area.
The meeting was, amongst other things, aimed at discussing issues such as the land which the /Khomanin lost during the colonial era.
At around 15h00, the meeting commenced and members of the concerned group expressed their dissatisfaction with the way in which Government and the traditional authority have been handling their requests for a piece of land which they can settle on.
?Since Independence in 1990, we are trying to have consultations with the government, who only listen to us if they see us,? said one member, Johannes !Nowaseb.
He said peaceful demonstrations have been held, petitions handed over to Government and attempts have been made at making appointments to see the stakeholder ministry, but all efforts have proved futile.
?They only promised us that the issue will receive their attention and that was it. We cannot be treated like other communities who still have their traditional land or who only lost part of it under the current resettlement programme. We lost all of it. Where do we go? How long will we be ignored and left out,? !Nowaseb fumed.
He further indicated that the /Khomanin are not residents of the capital any more ?as the city now belongs to the untouchable municipality with its rich and governing laws?.
?Since no one is there for us, this clan today decided that as we were forcefully removed from what is ours, then by force we will soon return to where we hailed from,? he stated.