Govt. staff vandalising State houses should be booted: Namwandi

01 Apr 2014 19:20pm
WINDHOEK, 01 APR (NAMPA) – Various Members of Parliament (MPs) on Monday expressed dismay that some government employees who are accommodated in government houses are vandalising such properties.
Education Minister David Namwandi said he cannot understand why employees of the State are vandalising government properties all over the regions.
“This mentality and attitude of saying it is ‘Ohoromende’ (it is government) is not benefiting the interests of the whole nation,” he complained in his contribution to discussions on the Ministry of Works and Transport’s budget allocation of N.dollars 675 361 000 for the 2014/15 financial year in the National Assembly (NA) on Monday.
Namwandi suggested that this ministry must put mechanisms in place to cut these practices.
“Clearly, they do not appreciate these properties and must be kicked out. They must be kicked out of those houses irrespective of who they are, and the houses should be given to those who need and will take care for it,” the education minister urged.
Elsewhere in the world, he said, people also live in state houses but take care of it.
Other Swapo MPs such as Petrus Iilonga, Chief Samuel Ankama and John Mutorwa shared similar sentiments.
Responding to the MPs' concerns, the Minister of Works and Transport Erkki Nghimtina said Government decided to sell some government houses to tenants because of the behaviour of occupants of such houses.
“The bill of maintenance of these houses was too huge, and these employees could not be accommodated any longer. As a result, Cabinet took a decision to say ‘let’s sell those houses to those tenants in those houses’,” he explained.
Once the houses were sold, Nghimtina said, one could see a change in how the new owner is caring for the property.
He noted that there is a system already for Government employees to get houses in that Government offers a 100 per cent government housing scheme.
“The ‘I don’t care’ attitude is the only problem we have with government employees who occupy government houses. Just by passing, you are able to identify which house is a government house - some houses have curtains with the Swapo-Party colours and others with mixed materials,” the works’ minister complained.