Woman denies killing man and injuring 3 others at Outjo

01 Apr 2014 17:30pm
WINDHOEK, 01 APR (NAMPA) - A woman who allegedly went on a stabbing rampage killing a man and seriously wounding three other persons at a farm in the Outjo district in the Kunene Region during October 2011, has denied any involvement in the alleged incident.
The 40-year-old Magdalena Khamuxas denied stabbing or killing anyone at the start of her trial which kicked-off here before High Court Judge Naomi Shivute on Tuesday.
She entered a plea of not guilty to a charge of murder, two counts of attempted murder and a count of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.
Khamuxas is represented by State-sponsored defence lawyer Boris Isaacks.
Shortly after she entered her pleas of not guilty to the charges, her trial was adjourned until Wednesday morning to enable the prosecution representative, State Advocate Erick Moyo, to consult with the State witnesses about statements they gave to the Police at the time.
On the first count of murder, it is alleged that Khamuxas unlawfully and intentionally killed Johannes Kasavi Kangundu at Doringfeld Farm Post on the night of 25 October 2011 after she stabbed him with a knife in the chest.
Kangundu died on the spot.
Khamuxas, thereafter, allegedly assaulted Elfriede Kausiona, August Aib and Frans Makushe by stabbing them with a knife on their bodies.
A summary of substantial facts contained in the charge sheet had it that Khamuxas, the late Kangundu and three complainants were drinking a home-brewed beer together at Doringfeld Farm Post on the night of 25 October 2011 when the alleged killing stabbing incident took place.
A quarrel, which at a later stage generated into a fight, then erupted between Khamuxas and Kausiona, after which the accused person went to her room to fetch a knife.
When Aib tried to prevent her from leaving the room, she allegedly stabbed him in the abdomen.
She, thereafter, allegedly stabbed Makushe on the elbow when he attempted to prevent her from leaving the room.
After Khamuxas left the room, she went straight to where complainant Kausiona was being restrained by the deceased person (Kangundu), and in the process allegedly stabbed the deceased person in the chest.
Khamuxas was apparently drunk at the time of the alleged killing and stabbing incident, the court heard.
She remains in police custody.