30 years for causing death of girlfriend and nephew

31 Mar 2014 18:20pm
WINDHOEK, 31 MAR (NAMPA) - A man convicted of killing his girlfriend by stabbing her with a knife during December 2009 in Okahandja and killing another person at Arandis in 2011, was on Monday sentenced to an effective 30 years in prison.
The 32-year-old Nekongo Noabeb was sent to jail for 10 years on the charge of culpable homicide for negligently causing the death of his girlfriend, Judika Uri-Khos, 27, by stabbing her in the leg with a knife after an argument between them during the late evening hours of 25 December 2009 and the early morning hours of 26 December 2009.
In addition to this, Noabeb was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for the murder of his nephew, Edu Noabeb, 33, whom he stabbed with a knife in the chest on 05 March 2011 at Arandis during a quarrel between the two of them.
On the second count of murder, Noabeb was found guilty with direct intent to kill.
The sentences imposed in the two counts will run consecutively with one another, and this means that Noabeb has to finish the first punishment of 10 years and then begin serving the second punishment of 20 years imprisonment.
“The circumstances in which you (Nekonogo Noabeb) committed the two offences warrant long and direct prison terms. You did not ask the court for forgiveness for causing the deaths of the two people,” said High Court Judge Shivute as she imposed the punishment.
Noabeb's State-appointed defence lawyer Titus Mbaeva had asked the court for suspended sentences.
Meanwhile, the prosecution’s representative, State Advocate Simba Nunda asked the court to impose heaving sentences for the two charges of culpable homicide and murder.
The jailed Noabeb pleaded not guilty to both charges at the start of his trial in April last year. On the first count, he claimed that his deceased girlfriend had stabbed herself during a struggle between them.
In a plea of not guilty presented before court, Noabeb said he, the deceased and some relatives of the deceased, were drinking on the fateful day in question.
On their way home, a quarrel erupted between Noabeb and the deceased person who fled from him with Noabeb pursuing her.
He then caught up with the deceased person and they wrestled, and in the process she inflicted a stab wound on herself accidentally, the court heard.
Noabeb told the court that after realising the deceased person was badly injured, he gave her a white vest to stop the bleeding and went to a nearby farm to look for help.
His version was, however, rejected by Judge Shivute who said that she carefully observed the State witnesses during their testimony and found them to be credible witnesses.
The judge further said she was satisfied that it was Noabeb who inflicted the stab wound on his deceased girlfriend.
On the second count of murder, Judge Shivute was adamant that Noabeb had no justification for killing his nephew that fateful day as the nephew was not a danger to him.
Noabeb is a first offender.
He is a single father of two minor children who are both in the care of the family and relatives of their respective mothers.
Windhoek-based defence lawyer Mbaeva represented Noabeb on the instructions of the Justice Ministry of Directorate of Legal Aid.