Health officials' uniforms will not be imported: Paulus

31 Mar 2014 15:40pm
WINDHOEK, 31 MAR (NAMPA) - The Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) has denied local media reports on Monday that the ministry will import doctors’ and nurses’ uniforms from China.
This follows an impromptu revelation in Parliament on Friday about the ordering of unspecified nurses and doctors' uniforms from China, done outside the public tendering process.
This statement by Health Minister Richard Kamwi elicited an outcry from an unimpressed Minister of Mines and Energy Isak Katali, who rose to demand that this “be the last time that uniforms are imported.”
The MoHSS’s Public Relations’ Officer (PRO) Esther Paulus said in a media statement on Monday that Beijing Angle Hospital Uniforms (Beijing) Co. Limited (Ltd) will only supply samples of doctors’ and nurses’ uniforms to the ministry before the tender for the manufacturing of uniforms locally is announced.
She added that the ministry is expected to go into a long-term agreement with Zouping ChangShan Textiles P&D Co. Ltd for tailor-made fabrics, once all necessary conditions have been met.
Paulus made it clear that once the fabrics have been sourced, local tenderers are expected to use the tailor-made designs and fabrics for the production of uniforms, bed linen and screen curtains, amongst others, to ensure quality and standards.
A delegation from MoHSS went on an official mission to Beijing in August 2013 to visit factories there in order for the ministry to enter into an agreement of procuring tailor-made fabrics for the manufacturing of uniforms, bed linen, screens and curtains.
“These materials will be embedded with ministerial watermarks to prevent the pilfering of fabrics, and to create a corporate identity,” said Paulus.
She said it is important to note that the health workers’ uniforms have to be produced with specialised fabrics to prevent contamination and disease infections (theatre, paediatric, etc), hence the reason to ensure preventative measures when obtaining such fabrics.