Officials should not have more power than councillors: SPYL

31 Mar 2014 14:10pm
WINDHOEK, 31 MAR (NAMPA) - The Swapo-Party Youth League (SPYL)’s Khomas Regional Secretary, Paulus Emmanuel says the youth league has observed with disbelief the demolition of shacks erected illegally in Windhoek.
Emmanuel also said at a media conference held at the Swapo-Party headquarters last Thursday City Councillors and officials are allegedly “caught sleeping on duty” when they are supposed to be making land available in an efficient manner to people most in need of it.
He noted that it is when people lose hope of ever owning land that they decide to settle on land illegally.
Emmanuel stated that the SPYL has observed that City of Windhoek officials seemingly have more powers than elected councillors and appealed to the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development or the Public Service Commission (PSC) to review the permanent employment of first, second and third line managers in all local authorities so that those who do not perform, are dismissed.
He noted that in this way, the best will be retained for continuous improvement of efficiency in town councils.
“We are all aware that local authorities are the first line of governance, hence delivery of service must be under constant and strict surveillance by both the agencies/parties of the councillors and Ministry of Regional and Local Government,” he stated.
Emmanuel noted that while some councillors say they oppose the demolition of people's houses, they are apparently nowhere to be seen when homes are being destroyed.
“We call on those who still have the masses' interests at heart to always be ready to run and stand in front of the bulldozers used to destroy people’s homes and defend the masses’ assets,” he said.
The youth league’s Khomas regional secretary further claimed that many young people have come up with possible solutions to the affordable housing problem which would see them partner with the City Council. He however alleged that “some arrogant secretaries and their bosses” in the City of Windhoek’s property development department are “very rude and are trained to be gatekeepers who chase people away from those offices”.
The youth league called on the City to listen to young businesspeople when they want to talk to them about projects like affordable housing so that balanced demographic empowerment equity can be achieved.