Onamutai traditional leader pleads for unity

31 Mar 2014 13:30pm
ENDOLA, 31 MAR (NAMPA) - Chief Amon Shipanga of the Oukwanyama Traditional Authority (OTA)’s Onamutai District has called on his village headmen to remain unified so that the entire district can be peaceful and stable.
Shipanga made this call while speaking at the belated commemoration of the death of the popular King Mandume yaNdemufayo of Oukwanyama, who died fighting against colonial forces at Oihole village in southern Angola on 06 February 1917.
The Onamutai chief said he believes disunity amongst village headmen will result in chaos in the district.
Shipanga used the same platform to warn certain headmen who are apparently deliberately not attending district meetings, that they will be dismissed if they continue to do so.
“You must attend district meetings and you also have to be introduced to the Queen (Martha Mwadinomho waKristian yaNelumbu),” he said, adding that they have to be introduced to the queen at the ouhamba (palace) at Omhedi village if their leadership is to be recognised.
He made the call in his response to reports that certain headmen are unwilling to cooperate and refuse to attend meetings where district-related affairs are discussed.
Shipanga also urged his village headmen to perform their duties with honesty and transparency, and to serve villagers without discrimination.
“Honesty, justice and equity are the core elements of good leadership that you should demonstrate when serving the people in your respective villages,” he stated.
Ohangwena regional councillor for the Endola Constituency, Ruth Nhinda also spoke at the event, and said yaNdemufayo should be honoured by the whole nation and not only by the people of Oukwanyama.
“He was a Namibian hero like Samuel Maharero, Hendrik Witbooi, Iipumbu yaShilongo and Nehale LyaMpingana, who resisted oppression and dominance by the foreigners,” Nhinda stated.
She also called on traditional leaders to cooperate with her office while performing their duties.
Queen yaNelumbu instructed the 10 leaders of the Oukwanyama traditional districts to host events commemorating the death of King yaNdemufayo in their respective districts this year.