Oshakati Town Council frustrated at stray livestock

30 Mar 2014 12:50pm
OSHAKATI, 30 MAR (NAMPA) - The Oshakati Town Council has called on livestock owners to ensure that their animals do not graze within the town’s boundaries.
The town council is disturbed by the increasing numbers of cattle, horses, donkeys and goats wandering around the town, and Oshakati Town Council corporate communications officer, Jackson Muma told Nampa in an interview over the weekend legal measures are in place to deal with people who allow this to happen.
“The council is concerned about the increase in animals grazing in town contrary to the impounding regulation of 1994,” Muma said.
He noted that this regulation stipulates that “any member of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) or employee of the council that finds an animal trespassing or any property which is at large, shall take or cause that animal to be taken to a pound”.
The same regulation also stipulates that any owner or occupier who finds an animal trespassing on his or her property may take or cause that animal to be taken to a pound.
“The council is requesting livestock owners to take care of their animals at areas far from the town. This includes cattle, donkeys, horses and goats,” Muma stated.
He at the same time asked members of the public not to interfere with people employed by the council to drive animals to the municipal impounding kraal.
“This is illegal and one can be prosecuted for that,” he warned. He said the legal method of retaining animals is to pay a prescribed tariff at the council offices.
The council also does not allow pigs to be kept within town boundaries and is appealing to residents to keep such animals outside the town to avoid punishment.
Muma also advised residents who own poultry to keep these in cages to prevent them from wandering around and disturbing neighbours.
“Noisy poultry is discouraged in town,” he stated.
The Oshakati Town Council further requested that residents keep their dogs inside their yards as it is illegal to allow dogs to wander around town. Should the dog bite someone, the owner will be held liable.