Learner arrested after housebreaking at Oshakati

04 Jul 2013 12:30
OSHAKATI, 04 JUL (NAMPA) ? The police at Oshakati in the Oshana Region on Thursday arrested a 15-year-old learner from Mwadhina gwaNembenge Combined School (CS) in Oshakati on charges of housebreaking and theft.
The boy and two others, who managed to get away, are accused of breaking into the house of an employee of First National Bank (FNB) Namibia at the northern town. They allegedly stole two flat screen televisions, a camera, food and bottles of alcohol on Thursday morning.
The owner of the house, Helena Mangundu, and her husband were at work when the three learners reportedly broke into their house.
?There was nobody at home because the maid is away this week,? Mangundu told journalists on the scene in Oshakati West where the police recovered the stolen items on Thursday.
She commended the police for their swift action which led to the recovery of the stolen items, while on the other hand expressing disappointment that the boys damaged the doors of her home when they struggled to gain entrance to the house.
Neighbours noticed that the house had been broken into after the boys left the scene and informed Mangundu, who then contacted the police.
The commander of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Oshana Region, Commissioner Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa said there is allegedly a ?syndicate? of learners engaged in housebreakings at the town.
Kashihakumwa said the two boys who are yet to be arrested are known to the police, and they are allegedly from Iipumbu Senior Secondary School (SSS), also in Oshakati.
?A few days back we arrested three other school boys for breaking into a different house, also in Oshakati. This shows certain school children are involved in housebreaking and a theft syndicate at the town,? he indicated.