Nanso celebrates 29th birthday

04 Jul 2013 11:40
WINDHOEK, 04 JUL (NAMPA) ? The Namibian National Students Organisation (Nanso), which commemorated its 29th birthday on Thursday, says it continues to define the role it needs to play in society.
?The biggest challenge for Nanso in an independent Namibia is the role of the organisation in schools and in society,? Nanso president Timotheus Angala said during a media conference held in the capital.
The event, which was attended by members and leaders of the organisation both past and present, celebrated the achievements and the aspirations of Nanso since its inception.
?We will continue to be a reputable and strong organisation fighting for student rights and for the wellbeing of all students in Namibia,? said Angala.
Nanso was formed on 02 July 1984 at Döbra outside Windhoek, and is the oldest national student organisation in the country.
The Nanso president acknowledged the role the youth played in Namibia?s fight for independence, and called on the Ministry of Veterans? Affairs to acknowledge the efforts of these students by also letting them receive veterans? benefit.
The Minister of Veterans? Affairs, Nickey Iyambo this week approved an application for veteran status by Titus Shikongo, who was 17 years old in 1990. Iyambo said although applicants had to be 18 years and above at Independence in 1990 to qualify for veteran status, Shikongo?s case is unique due to the physical and mental scars and the trauma that he had to bear almost his whole life.
His status means he will now receive a N.dollars 50 000 once-off payment and N.dollars 2 200 monthly grant.
?There are many former students out there who deserve the same treatment because of their contribution to the liberation struggle,? Angala said.
Acting Director of the National Youth Council (NYC), Julius Namoloh said the organisation should strive to influence the national agenda in future and encouraged Government to give the organisation adequate funding for budgets, programmes and activities to address issues of importance for the youth and students.
Namoloh stated that ?uncoordinated political activities and political patronage? have halted Nanso?s progress.
?Disaffiliation from political parties is one of the reasons Nanso has done well in the past. Students, regardless of their political affiliation, came together to form a strong student movement,? he noted.
He congratulated Hardap Regional Governor Katrina Hanse-Himarwa for organising a regional conference to discuss issues affecting the performance of Grade 10 and 12 learners in that region.
Hanse-Himarwa said the conference seeks to rectify the poor performance of the Hardap Region's Grade 10 learners over the past three years.
?We wish them all the best in their deliberations and pray that they find lasting solutions,? said Angala.
Nanso Secretary-General Sharonice Busch urged all of the organisation?s members to remain scholars of excellence, and remain well-disciplined, committed and dedicated.
?We ask that you acknowledge the authority within your respective schools and institutions and co-operate,? said Busch.