Nam goes down by 9 runs

04 Jul 2013 11:00

Its over in Benoni, South Africa, Namibia under 16 cricket team  failed to capitalise on their advantage of a long batting line up with powerful hitters and went down by nine runs to Zimbabwe Crickinfo has it.

This is despite a promising start that almost raised the hopes of winning.

Namibia, according to Crickinfo, had lined up a string of good overs forcing the Zimbabwean batsman on the back foot but that was not enough to guarantee the win as the Zimbabwean batsman had other options.

Although the young Namibians were praised for their on the spot line and length bowling which restricted the Zimbabwean batting, the batsman just did not follow up the good bowling with enough stroke play.

Namibia were all bowled out for 137/7 with the opening batsman losing their wickets willy-nilly that at one point of the match Namibia lost three wickets for only five overs Crickinfo added.

The team will have to the drawing board and consolidate its top order batting performance against a tougher opposition.