IPU calls for immediate parliamentary elections in Egypt

04 Jul 2013 09:00
WINDHOEK, 04 JUL (NAMPA) - The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) on Thursday called on the interim authorities in Egypt to immediately organise free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections, while upholding the rule of law and defending an impartial judiciary.
The call came after the Egyptian military on Wednesday night deposed the country's President Mohammed Morsi, installing the head of the country's highest court, chief justice Adly Mansour as the country?s interim leader.
The Egyptian army also suspended the Islamist-drafted Constitution, and announced the formation of a technocratic interim government ahead of new presidential elections.
Morsi is being accused of failing to meet demands to share power with his opponents.
The Associated Press (AP) reports that Morsi took office, vowing to move beyond his roots in the Muslim Brotherhood party, but his presidency threw the country into deep polarisation.
Those who took to the streets this week say he lost his electoral legitimacy because he tried to give the Brotherhood and Islamist allies a monopoly on power, pushed through a constitution largely written by his allies, and mismanaged the country's multiple crises.
Morsi and his allies say the opposition never accepted their appeals for dialogue - seen by opponents as empty gestures.
?The IPU advocates for the establishment of a strong parliament that is fully-representative of Egyptian society. Democratic institutions in Egypt must be restored forthwith,? IPU president Abdelwahad Radi said in a statement issued by Namibia's National Assembly on Thursday.
?Time and again, over the last two years, the Egyptian people have demonstrated their desire to live in a democratic society.
Their aspirations must be respected at all costs,? Radi stressed.
He indicated that the IPU has been working with Egypt since 2011 on a strategic programme to enhance and restructure that parliament?s secretariat.
?The IPU remains committed to providing assistance and support to the Egyptian Parliament. We urge Egypt not to stray from the path of establishing a genuine democracy in the country as soon as possible,? he added.
As the global organisation of parliaments, the IPU works to establish democracy, peace and cooperation among people.
Established in 1889, it is the world?s oldest international political organisation, and the focal point for worldwide parliamentary dialogue.
It brings together 162 Member Parliaments and 10 associate regional assemblies.