Witchdoctor accuses police of theft

04 Jul 2013 07:30
OSHAKATI, 04 JUL (NAMPA) - The Commander of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Oshana Region has denied that some of his officers have stolen money and cattle belonging to Angolan traditional healer Bonifatius Mbwale.
This denial from Commissioner Ndahangwapo Kashihakumwa follows Mbwale?s claim in the High Court at Oshakati on Tuesday that the police at Oshakati stole N.dollars 110 000 and 10 cattle belonging to him during his stay in police cells here.
The now notorious Angolan traditional healer remains in police custody, following his arrest by the Ohangwena regional police in November 2011.
He faces multiple charges of rape after a number of his patients accused him of raping them under the pretext of ?sexual healing? between 2009 and 2011 at his clinics at Omutakuwakaupa village in the Omusati Region and Onhuno village in the Ohangwena Region.
High Court Judge Christie Liebenberg convicted the 66-year-old Mbwale a week ago of seven of the 13 counts of rape he was facing. He is due to be sentenced next Friday.
During his hearing on Tuesday, Mbwale claimed that he suffered huge losses of N.dollars 110 000 and 10 cattle at the hands of Oshakati police officers.
He told the court that his money was stolen from the safe at the Oshakati Police station, while his cattle disappeared after certain police officers took them from a friend who was looking after the animals in the Oshakati area at the time he became a trial-awaiting prisoner.
Mbwale said he reported the matter to the police, but was not aware of anybody being apprehended in connection with the theft of his property.
Kashihakumwa confirmed reports of Mbwale?s missing cattle, but rejected claims that the Angolan traditional healer pressed charges with the police.
?We conducted investigations on our own upon receiving reports of the theft of the cattle, but we detected that his cattle herder, driver and a relative are responsible for the missing cattle and not police officers,? Kashihakumwa explained.
He added that it was speculated that the herder, driver and relative took the cattle from Mbwale?s friend who lives at the Ompumbu location on the outskirts of Oshakati, and reportedly sold them and generated about N.dollars 20 000 for Mbwale?s legal costs.
?He (Mbwale) told the court what he feels and it is his right,? the NamPol commissioner argued, adding that the herder, driver and relative are to be held accountable if Mbwale?s cattle are indeed stolen.
Regarding claims of missing money, Kashihakumwa noted that because of Mbwale?s low education level, he might have forgotten payments he made to lawyers ?left and right? for his legal costs.
Kashihakumwa charged that there is no way police officers could have stolen Mbwale?s money, because the money is kept in his own locked safe of which he has the key the whole time.