Pohamba defends fight against corruption

27 Mar 2014 19:50pm
WINDHOEK, 27 MAR (NAMPA) - President Hifikepunye Pohamba has dismissed the notion often perpetuated by opposition politicians that his administration has failed to root out corruption, noting that he has done everything in his power to deal with it.
Pohamba made the remarks on Thursday when he responded to questions posed by opposition party leaders in the National Assembly (NA) during his ninth State of the Nation address.
Congress of Democrats (CoD) leader Ben Ulenga wanted to know how far the President has gone in his stance against corruption, referring to Pohamba’s numerous public statements against corruption.
The Head of State said the establishment of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is testimony to Government’s stance against corruption.
As a President, he said, he was expected to provide structures that deal with the scourge of corruption and not to personally police government officials and the citizenry.
“I have contributed to the fight against corruption. I have put up the Anti-Corruption Commission and they are now in charge of fighting corruption. It is not the President who must go and investigate. Do you want me to go from house to house? No, that is not my duty,” he said.
Pohamba however raised concern about the length of investigations, especially in the public sector, which he said take too long.
“This thing of investigating something for years and nothing comes out is really not good. This needs to be addressed. People investigate for years and in the meantime, the person being investigated draws a salary while still on supervision and run his small business on the side,” he stressed.
Pohamba is currently serving his second and last term as President. By law, Namibian presidents are only allowed to serve a maximum of two terms.