Cows sold to Meatco are lean and old

04 Jul 2013 04:30
OPUWO, 04 JUL (NAMPA) ? Eighty per cent of cattle from the Kunene Region currently being marketed to Meatco are lean and very old, and thus fetch low prices.
This was confirmed by Meatco?s Regional Procurement Manager for the Northern Communal Areas (NCAs) Patrick Liebenberg in a telephonic interview with Nampa on Wednesday, who added that Meatco is ready to buy livestock from farmers to prevent them from losing such because of the ongoing drought.
Liebenberg, however, called on farmers in the Kunene Region during a one-day farmers? training session here to sell their livestock while it is still in good condition to fetch good prices, rather than waiting until the livestock is in poor condition.
He also informed farmers that the price of meat is determined by the buyer, and is mostly based on the quality of the livestock.
?The livestock that we are receiving are 20 per cent more than previous years, but the problem is that they are lean and old,? noted Liebenberg.
Meanwhile, the Oshakati Meatco abattoir is operating at full capacity - slaughtering up to 400 cattle per week, which results in employees working overtime.
They slaughter for two days per week, and the other days are used for deboning.
Liebenberg also called on the community of Kunene to start producing their own fodder by making use of the Kunene River?s water source and the many springs found here.
He said farmers can in fact call Meatco to collect their cattle for transport to abattoirs, but the farmers have to arrange that it is trucks-full, and not only a few head of cattle.