Okaoko-Otavi female learners to stay on school premises

02 Jul 2013 07:40
OPUWO, 02 JUL (NAMPA) - The Director of Education in the Kunene Region, Simon Tsuseb says female learners at Okaoko-Otavi Combined School, who have been sharing bedrooms with boys in town, will be accommodated at the school this week.
Tsuseb said this during a telephonic interview with Nampa here on Monday.
?I visited the school on Friday to assess the situation of the learners from that school who are sharing rooms in the location, both boys and girls,? said Tsuseb.
According to Tsuseb, despite the fact that the sharing of rooms was happening outside the premises of the school ground, it was not in the best interest of the children, especially the girls who would be vulnerable to pregnancies in this case.
?We have decided to accommodate 15 girls in a big tent on the school premises in order to have control over the female learners and take them away from their male roommates,? said Tsuseb.
He added that such a move was necessary to help avoid a situation where the girls would fall pregnant, resulting in a premature end to their formal education process.
Tsuseb said children have a right to education and those rights should be protected, adding that the Ministry of Education is tasked with creating a conducive environment for children to learn and to receive a good education.
According to the Education Director, the learners will be accommodated at the school by this Friday.
?Beds and mattresses will be transported from Khorixas very soon, as long as we get the transportation which is a problem currently,? noted Tsuseb.
The 15 learners who will be accommodated at the school will also be receiving their meals there.
He called on the parents of these learners to forward their hostel fees contribution to the school to assist in the feeding of their children who have now been added to the hostel establishment.
Tsuseb also noted that a hostel block is currently under construction at Okaoko-Otavi Combined School. This hostel block, which is funded through the German Initiative Programme, will also accommodate learners as soon as it is completed.
Okaoko-Otavi Combined School has 326 learners, with only 64 of those accommodated in the hostel.