Projects providing jobs for Ariamsvlei residents

02 Jul 2013 05:10
ARIAMSVLEI, 02 JUL (NAMPA) - Development projects currently underway at the Ariamsvlei settlement in the Karas Region have created job opportunities for some residents, ensuring that they are able to provide a livelihood for their families.
The Chief Control Officer (CCO) at the Ariamsvlei settlement, Siegfried //Areseb told Nampa on Tuesday that over 16 people have managed to find employment in various projects, such as the second phase of construction of the sewerage reticulation system, which has employed 10 Ariamsvlei residents as labourers.
That project started in June last year.
The other major development project which is also underway at the settlement is the construction of the scanner at the Ariamsvlei Border Post, where six men from the settlement have also found employment as labourers.
?These are people who did not have jobs, but are now able to earn a monthly salary and care financially for their families,? stressed //Areseb.
Tseib Investment, the Ministry of Works and Transport and the HFJ Plant Hire and Construction company are currently working on the sewerage system and the scanner.
One of the objectives of these development projects is to create employment, especially for people in the rural areas.
?What we usually do is ensure that, whenever possible, we should make sure that local people get priority when it comes to employment. In most cases, we recommend that our people get employed,? said the CCO.
More people from Ariamsvlei are expected to find employment when the water reticulation project?s construction starts next week Monday.
?Part of the settlement has been using septic tanks. So, the construction of the sewerage and water reticulation systems are really welcome developments,? //Areseb said.
Meanwhile, on Thursday, 180 flush toilets were handed over to residents of the Vergenoeg informal settlement at Ariamsvlei.
Before they received these flush toilets, residents of Vergenoeg had been using the bucket toilet system to dispose of human waste.
//Areseb said the construction of the first-ever 10 houses for the beneficiaries of the Government-funded Build-Together programme will also start this month.