RDP leader in face-to-face talks with ex-colonial soldiers

23 Mar 2014 14:00pm
ONDANGWA, 23 MAR (NAMPA) – The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) president Hidipo Hamutenya says the Namibian electorate have erred by continuing to vote Swapo into State power for the past 24 years of the country’s independence.
Speaking during a meeting with a group of ex-soldiers of the then colonial forces at Ondangwa’s Oluno suburb on Saturday, Hamutenya described the voting for Swapo as “committing of crime”.
Individual ex-soldiers of the South West Africa Territory Force (SWATF) and Koevoet, in consultation with the Oshikoto regional leadership of the RDP headed by Ismael Shailemo, convened a face-to-face meeting with Hamutenya.
Hamutenya went on to accuse the Swapo-Party of discriminating against some bona fide Namibians, even within its ranks and files, through the party’s “jobs for comrades’ slogan”.
“With that slogan, Swapo has introduced another form of discrimination in the country,” the RDP leader said.
He then called on the electorate to consider voting Swapo out during the general elections due in November this year, if the “jobs for comrades system” is to be done away with in the country.
Hamutenya referred to the RDP as an alternative political organisation which stands firm to bring about an inclusive government in Namibia.
“What we in the RDP want is to do away with jobs for comrades, which has made jobs for all not possible in Namibia,” the RDP leader pointed out.
He indicated that his political party stands for a government which will create jobs for all Namibians as per their respective competencies, knowledge and experiences.
Hamutenya stated that the RDP wants to win State power to ensure every citizen a share from the ‘national cake’ and equal rights.
“Do the right thing by putting to an end the government of Swapo by not repeating the mistake you have been committing for the past 24 years by now-and-then renewing Swapo mandate to rule,” Hamutenya lobbied the former soldiers of the SWATF and Koevoet.
The ex-SWATF and Koevoet soldiers, who spoke during the meeting, have expressed dissatisfaction with the government’s decision of creating the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs exclusively for those who fought during the country’s liberation struggle under Swapo.
“You cannot blame RDP for that, because you never gave us mandate to lead. We will put an end to the job for comrades once you vote for us into State power,” said Hamutenya.
The ex-SWATF and Koevoet soldiers indicated during the meeting that they are bitterly fed up with discrimination against them that has developed in a bad attitude by some Swapo-party politicians who threaten them with deportation from Namibia.
“We are Namibian-born and we want to be recognised as such, and at the same time to have a piece of our national cake like our fellow Swapo ex-soldiers,” one of the ex-SWATF and Koevoet soldiers demanded.