Ariamsvlei Border Post without water

01 Jul 2013 05:10
ARIAMSVLEI, 01 JUL (NAMPA) ? Visitors coming into Namibia through the Ariamsvlei entry point are having to relieve themselves in nearby bushes because the two public toilets at the border post have no water.
The toilets at the border post are used mostly by tourists coming into the country from neighbouring South Africa, but they have been ?out of order? for the past three months because of the lack of water.
Even the toilets that are used by the government employees who work at the border post do not have water.
It is suspected that the pipes supplying the border post with water from Ariamsvlei settlement have become blocked by dirt and rust.
Speaking to Nampa at the border post on Thursday, two employees who take care of the toilets there said they have been fetching water with buckets from a tap at a nearby construction site to clean the toilets.
?People come here and the toilets are closed, so they go to the bushes and behind the toilets walls to help themselves. Some even just ignore the ?out of order? notice that we put there and use the dirty toilets,? said Patricia Afrikaner.
Theresia Rooi said the water situation is making their work tough, as they now have to carry water in buckets in order to clean the facilities.
?You can see how dirty that wall is. It?s because people are relieving themselves on it. We are in a difficult and humiliating situation, so I hope the responsible people will solve it soon,? Rooi said.
A customs and excise official, who insisted on anonymity, said the situation at the border post gets especially out of control when buses arrive there full of passengers who want to use the facilities at the same time.
Nampa learnt that the settlement office has made some effort to supply water to the border post with large tanks of water, but even those 5000-litre tanks do not last long.
The last water in the tanks got finished last Sunday, leaving the border post without water again.
Clarifying the matter, the Chief Control Officer at the settlement Siegfried //Areseb on Thursday said Puma Construction Company was hired and they have already started to replace the old pipes.
The replacement of the pipes and restoration of the water to the border post is expected to take place early next week.
He said his ?hands are also tied?, as there is no transport to take the tanks to the border post every time the water gets finished.