Chinese ambassador condemns bad business practices

30 Jun 2013 13:10
WINDHOEK, 30 JUN (NAMPA) - The Chinese Ambassador in Namibia, Xin Shunkang has urged all Chinese nationals residing in Namibia to respect local laws in order to strengthen good relations between the two countries.
Addressing the Chinese business community at the China Town Complex in the capital on Saturday, Xin said Namibia has given support to China by signing a bilateral agreement that allows Chinese nationals to operate freely in Namibia, adding that such an opportunity must be respected at all costs.
The ambassador?s visit was triggered by a recent incident at the China Town shopping complex in Windhoek, where a Namibian employee Asteria Shivute was allegedly unknowingly made to dispose of the faeces of her employers while taking out the shop?s rubbish.
?The incident damaged Chinese image and it won?t happen again, I would further like to urge Chinese nationals to obey local laws and to respect the local people. We have a good relationship and everybody will benefit from it if we keep it strong,? he said
He reminded his fellow country men and women how the leaders of the two countries built that ?good relationship? over many years, and urged members of the Chinese business community to do the same.
He urged all Chinese nationals to be on the lookout for any illegal activities and to oppose such acts in the strongest terms.
The ambassador also applauded the Chinese business people for availing low priced goods that are benefiting the low-income earners in Namibia.
He however criticised those who are bringing fake goods into the local market, saying such operations will no longer be tolerated.
?In the future our embassy will stay in direct communication with China Town complex operators to minimise the occurrence of such illegal acts,? said the ambassador.
With regard to Chinese business people keeping a large sum of money at their premises instead of using banking services, Xin said he is equally disappointed in such acts and urged those involved in such practices to stop immediately.
?We would like to correct such wrongdoings that are being done by a few Chinese people in Namibia. If you do not obey the law, the law will punish you in return,? warned the ambassador.
Upon learning about the faeces incident, President Hifikepunye Pohamba ordered a probe into two weeks ago and the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare assembled a team to investigate the matter.
Deputy Labour Minister Alpheus Muheua later presented the findings of the report which was handed over to the President following the investigation.
The Chinese Ambassador was also expected to travel to Oshikango and Walvis Bay to address the Chinese business communities there on the same issues.