Customs Smelters gets new name

30 Jun 2013 10:00

Namibian Custom Smelters will now be known as Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb (DPMT) after a name change was officially launched in Tsumeb.

Speaking at the occasion, DPMT Executive Vice President for Sustainable Development, Adrian Goldstone, said the new name represents Dundee’s commitment to both Tsumeb and Namibia and sends a clear message that Dundee Precious Metals is here to stay.

The new name was acquired from a Canadian company, Dundee Precious Metals (DPM) that purchased 100 percent shares of NCS from the Weatherly Mine in 2010.

He added that the new name and logo define DPM as a global leader in the mining and smelting industry guided by strong corporate values.

“We are committed to making the Tsumeb Smelter an industry-leading smelting operation. Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb will soon be among the most modern and efficient complex smelters in the world,” says Goldstone.

The new DPMT logo features a golden globe that shows all DPM locations worldwide. A circle of chevrons is positioned in a clockwise direction to demonstrate forward progress and a commitment to positive collaboration with all stakeholders.

The globe and chevrons are integrated into the company name symbolising unity and cohesion. The Tsumeb nameplate forming the base of the logo is symbolic of DPM’s commitment to the town.

We are launching the new name and logo knowing that much has been achieved but knowing how much remains to be done” Goldstone said at the launch.

“We wish to thank all our stakeholders – our employees, local residents and their leaders, and particularly the Government of Namibia for their commitment to working with investors to address the issues of concern to local communities and to the country at large,” he says.