Treat workers with respect: NUNW

20 Mar 2014 10:20am
WINDHOEK, 20 MAR - As the nation gears itself for Namibia’s 24th Independence celebrations on Friday, the National Union of Namibian Workers (NUNW) has called on employers to treat their workers with respect and dignity.
In an independence message availed to the media on Wednesday, acting NUNW President Connie Pandeni said some employers regard trade unions as enemies.
“Workers are human beings, partners, stakeholders and contributors to your wealth; they deserve respect, dignity, compensation and livelihood. NUNW urges employers to reconsider their stance and attitudes towards their employees and treat them with a human face. Other conditions of employment must be discussed and ironed out procedurally and mutually,” she stressed.
Pandeni said the union is “unchaining the minds of employees, who become aware of their rights and entitlement and demand what is due to them”. She added that many employers and their management have become greedy and aloof, and negotiate in bad faith.
According to the acting NUNW president, the labour legal framework is still challenged by shortcomings in the judiciary system, which she said is “rampant with commissions and omission resulting in delayed justice to union members”.
She also called on trade unions to recount and reflect on its achievements, challenges, failures and opportunities towards their members. NUNW commended Government for working with unions to investigate abuse and inhumane living conditions at workplaces, and the treatment of workers.
“The workers will rally behind their government in the upcoming presidential and national assembly elections in support of progressive continuity of the rule of law, advancement and expansion that the Swapo-party and its government keep ensuring,” she stressed.
Pandeni urged members to take part in a planned leadership retreat set to take place in April.
The retreat was re-scheduled in order for the union to go back the drawing board, re-focus, and revisit its aims and objectives.
She indicated that the union should come up with a roadmap that will re-direct its operations to address the current challenges faced by workers in the country.