Government hands over 180 flush toilets to Ariamsvlei

29 Jun 2013 06:10
ARIAMSVLEI, 29 JUN (NAMPA) - Deputy Minister of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development Priscilla Beukes on Thursday handed over 180 flush toilets to residents of Ariamsvlei.
The Ariamsvlei settlement is situated 110 kilometres east of Karasburg at the border between Namibia and South Africa.
The facilities and sewerage system were constructed at a cost of N.dollars 8 million.
Speaking to those present at the handing over event, Beukes said Government has the mandate to promote sanitation and hygiene in Namibian society in order to ensure a health nation.
?I have been informed that similar types of development initiatives by Government have been recorded in other settlements and towns of the Karas Region, such as sewer and water reticulation, road networks and housing. This is clear testimony that Government is committed to its promise to attain national objectives and its much spoken Vision 2030,? she told the residents.
She further asked the private sector and individuals to continue to be involved in the country?s development.
?Our ministry will continue to promote the construction of infrastructural development services such as these toilets in both rural and urban areas of our country to promote the well-being of our people,? Beukes promised.
On his part Paulus Ephraim, the councillor of the Karasburg Constituency under which Ariamsvlei falls, urged residents to take good care of the new toilets and guard them against vandalism.
?Take full ownership of the infrastructure and look after it. Do not turn the toilets into bedrooms as is the case with some people from this region,? he said.
Ephraim used the opportunity to call on the ministry to strengthen the Build-Together programme so that residents of Ariamsvlei informal settlement can also get decent housing.
?Here in Ariamsvlei we are experiencing housing problems, so by providing loans to those who can qualify for such loans, we can solve the problem. Our government is doing a lot for us and I want to take this opportunity to say thank you,? Ephraim said to Beukes.
Chief Control Officer at the settlement, Siegfried //Areseb told Nampa that some residents of Vergenoeg informal settlement at Ariamsvlei at some point where found sleeping in toilets there, but were discouraged from doing so.
?People decided to use the toilets as bedrooms because they are better than the corrugated iron shacks they sleep in,? //Areseb said.