DTA appeals for election funds from business community

19 Mar 2014 12:30pm
RUNDU, 19 MAR (NAMPA) - The DTA of Namibia has appealed to the business community to support the party financially and materially, saying it is the party of choice for them if they want their businesses to survive and prosper.
DTA Secretary-General Vincent Kanyetu during an interview with Nampa on Wednesday called on business personalities and institutions to support it in its election campaign this year.
The Presidential and National Assembly elections are scheduled to take place in November.
Kanyetu said for the party to have a successful election campaign this year, it needs at least N.dollars 5 million to ensure that it accesses all corners of the country’s 14 regions.
“We appeal to the business community to support the DTA as it is the only home for the survival of their businesses and that of the ordinary man in Namibia,” Kanyetu appealed.
He stated that the party is not in financial trouble, but just need funds to add to what it already has in its coffers, stressing that they want to give the ruling Swapo-Party a run for their money during this year’s elections.
He said the party does not receive any funding from donors from elsewhere like other political parties in the country, hence the appeal for financial support from the business community and individuals alike.
Meanwhile, Kanyetu announced that the DTA will have its regional conferences to elect new leadership structures in the Zambezi, Kavango and Hardap regions as from next month.
The party will elect new regional chairpersons, vice-chairpersons, secretaries, treasurers, and secretaries for the youth and women’s leagues in the three regions.
The regional conference for the Zambezi Region will take place on 02 and 03 April; while the Kavango East and West Region will host their collective conference on 04 and 05 April.
The Hardap Region’s conference will take place at Mariental from 12 to 13 April.