Build-Together housing project reaches Ariamsvlei

28 Jun 2013 03:30
ARIAMSVLEI, 28 JUN (NAMPA) - The construction of Build-Together houses at Ariamsvlei settlement in the Karas Region will start early next month.
Ariamsvlei is situated 110 kilometres east of Karasburg town at the border between Namibia and South Africa.
The Chief Control Officer (CCO) at the settlement, Siegfried //Areseb told Nampa on Thursday that the 10 houses that are being built for 10 beneficiaries are the first-ever Build-Together houses at this settlement, where nearly all the residents in the informal area sleep in shacks made of corrugated iron.
The houses will be built in the Vergenoeg informal settlement. Each beneficiary there will receive a two-bedroom house constructed at a cost of N.dollars 40 000.
The Ministry of Regional Local Government Housing and Rural Development (MRLGRD) made available an amount of N.dollars 395 000 during the 2008/2009 financial year, to be given as loans to beneficiaries of the project.
//Areseb said residents were reluctant to apply for loans in the past years, but they finally applied this year and 10 of them were selected.
?We want to complete all the houses by September this year so that we can start again with the second phase in November 2013. People need decent housing here and that?s why we want to rush this process,? he said.
Explaining the second phase, //Areseb said the MRLGHRD availed N.dollars 700 000 which will be used for the construction of 16 houses during the 2013/2014 financial year.