Baby girl buried in Sarasungu bushes

27 Jun 2013 11:10
SARASUNGU, 27 JUN (NAMPA) - The remains of a baby girl suspected to be less than one year old, were discovered buried in the bushes at the Sarasungu informal settlement on the outskirts of Rundu near the Okavango River on Thursday morning.
Three women who had gone into the bush to fetch firewood, made the discovery.
The corpse did not yet decompose fully, and tracks of a vehicle and footprints were still visible when this reporter arrived at the scene, suggesting the baby was buried there quite recently.
One of the three women, Sabine Kampanza, told Nampa at the scene that while collecting wood, she saw a heap of sand resembling a small grave and alerted her companions.
They then informed the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) who, together with Rundu Town Council officials, dug up the grave and found a small coffin and a pink carry bag containing pieces of bread.
It appears the baby girl was accorded a ?dignified? burial, as she was immaculately dressed in baby clothing and in a decent coffin.
It still remains unclear why the baby was buried there and not the official cemetery, situated at the Kaisosi informal settlement about three kilometres away.
A post-mortem will soon be conducted by the Rundu State Hospital to determine the cause of the baby?s death, while police investigators are attempting to trace her parents.
Meanwhile, some residents suspect the death to be part of ?Kakorora? activities, whereby unscrupulous people harvest human organs, allegedly used by witchdoctors to enrich or acquire good luck for their clients seeking such.