Ruacana gets multipurpose community centre

17 Mar 2014 13:10pm
RUACANA, 17 MAR (NAMPA) - Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Minister, Joel Kaapanda officially opened a new multipurpose community centre at the town of Ruacana in the Omusati Region on Friday.
Although it was only officially opened last Friday, the Ruacana Multipurpose Community Centre has in fact been operational since May last year.
This is the second such multipurpose centre to be opened in the Omusati Region.
The first multipurpose community centre, which was also sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT), was established at Otamanzi village and was officially inaugurated by Kaapanda last month.
The ministry has provided both centres with audiovisual equipment such as video cameras, still photo cameras, and photocopiers. The ministry is also to avail computers with Internet connectivity at the two centres.
Both centres are manned by local unemployed youth who have received training from MICT officials on how to use the equipment.
'The centre is about bringing technological services closer to the people, especially the youth who are provided with opportunities to do research for new skills and knowledge development through the Internet,” Kaapanda said.
He urged young people to come together at the multipurpose centres and to share ideas and advice on development-related issues.
'This will help to prevent alcohol abuse at cuca shops. Unemployed young people who obtain training from here would also be offered the opportunity to generate an income by providing services for the community such as photography and video services at private events,' Kaapanda said.
The young people at the Ruacana Multipurpose Community Centre have so far generated more than N.dollars 17 750 through the filming of videos and taking of photographs at private functions in the community since the centre's inception in May last year.
Foibe Amundjela, Eino Silas and Naapopye Ndunge are the three young people currently in charge of the Ruacana Multipurpose Community Centre.