Black Africa goes for African Champions League

27 Jun 2013 05:05

Black Africa has officially informed the Namibian Football Association [NFA] and the Namibia Premier League (NPL) that it will, by virtue of its NPL Championship title, compete in the African Champions League in 2014.

Black Africa Chairman, Boni Paulino made the announcement at the BA Annual Awards ceremony recently held at Heja, that “we will not participate in the Champions League, we will compete instead and we will be a force to be reckoned with.”

At the same ceremony, Cassius Moetie, Manager for Marketing & Commercial, announced that Black Africa entered into a player’s contract with Emilio Martin of Ramblers Football Club.

“We bought the versatile Emilio out of his contract with Ramblers especially for our plans to compete aggressively in the African Champions League. We are reinforcing the Lively Lions to make a strong statement in this Continental Tournament,” Moetie said.

Black Africa is inviting all NPL players who wish to wear the red-and-black Championship jersey in the 2013/2014 Football Season.

“We are looking for players who share in Black Africa’s rich and diverse culture and our value system which secured us our hard-earned prestige and leadership we display on the field, off-the-field and in boardrooms of the Namibia Premier League. Interested players should contact the BA Office at [061] 308-111 or contact Cassius Moetie directly at 081-144-8100.

The 8 times Namibian football champions further announced that BA’s 2011 Strategic Planning Meeting decided that BA should win the NPL Premiership for five consecutive football seasons.

“We have won the Namibia Premier League for three-times in a row and we have two more football seasons to deliver and accomplish our double medium-term objective. With our trusted sponsors like FNB Namibia and Safland Property Developers, achieving a five-time uninterrupted NPL Championship is not rocket-science for BA,” Moetie concluded.